UM launches UM Macao Talent Program to train high-calibre professionals

The University of Macau (UM) has launched the UM Macao Talent Program, in order to train more high-calibre professionals, promote the sustainable development of postgraduate education, and strengthen international academic collaboration in support of the Macao SAR government’s policy of ‘building a better Macao through education’.

Supported by the University of Macau Development Foundation and UM, the program consists of four parts, namely UM Macao PhD Scholarship program, UM Macao Post-doctoral Fellowship program, UM Macao Distinguished Visiting Scholar program, and UM Macao Fellow program. The programs aim to encourage outstanding graduates from reputable universities to pursue further studies or develop their careers at UM, as well as to increase academic exchange and collaboration between UM and outstanding scholars.

Quality postgraduate education is key to achieving the goal of developing UM into an internationally recognised institution of excellence. The UM Macao PhD Scholarship program aims to encourage the best students to pursue PhD degrees at UM, while the UM Macao Post-doctoral Fellowship Program hopes to inspire post-doctoral researchers to participate in research at UM. Both programs will help to increase the quality of postgraduate education at UM, the international competitiveness of its postgraduate students, as well as its degree of internationalisation. The two award programs target graduates from reputable universities with a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or PhD degree, who have achieved outstanding academic performance and show great potential. 

The UM Macao Distinguished Visiting Scholar program is expected to attract top scholars from around the world, who will initiate joint research projects with UM researchers. The program aims to increase academic exchange and collaboration between UM and the world’s top universities, which will help to further increase UM’s research capacity and international reputation.

The UM Macao Fellow program offers a three-year contract to successful applicants. The program aims to nurture young scholars from Macao and encourage qualified local talent to pursue career development in Macao. Only permanent residents of Macao are eligible to apply for the program. Besides engaging in research at UM, successful applicants will have the opportunity to work at reputable universities or institutions outside Macao as visiting scholars or researchers to enrich their teaching and research experience, broaden their horizons, and enhance their professional knowledge. Professional mentors will be assigned to young appointees to provide guidance. Those who pass the performance assessment at the end of the contract term will have the opportunity to become an assistant professor at UM.

The programs above are now open for applications. To apply, or learn more about the programs, please visit