Centre for Data Science (CDS) is committed to training a new generation of data scientists, conducting various interdisciplinary research on data, promoting in-depth exploration of knowledge and establishing predicative mechanisms and models to guide the applications of data science in all levels of human life, with the aim of enhancing the development of new technology industries and contributing to the society.

CDS will play a key role in conducting interdisciplinary research and promoting scientific and technological progress. It will actively explore innovative ways for cooperation and develop new technologies for data collection and analysis in order to provide solutions to the pressing problems in the related areas of the society.

Interdisciplinary Research

In support of the implementation of the Macao SAR Government’s policy concerning technological innovation and the establishment of an innovation network between research and industry, CDS will be dedicated to creating a platform for promoting new types of cooperation, introducing new scientific paradigms, and using data to meet social challenges. It will carry out interdisciplinary research, train top-notch talents, assisting Macao to grow into a world centre for tourism and leisure. Here are a few examples of the research activities:

  1. There has been significant controversy over data ownership and privacy in big data studies. It is a major challenge for the scientific community and society as a whole to gain an understanding of how to make effective and ethical use of large amounts of data. CDS will collaborate with researchers in the fields of law and information technology to jointly study the role of technology in the protection and management of privacy and develop relevant technologies as well as policies for privacy protection.
  2. Developing new targeted therapy drugs for the treatment of diseases, i.e., precision medicine, requires the collection and sharing of large amounts of data. The treatment of rare diseases and common cancers relies not only on conducting new research but also on connecting researchers’ existing data. CDS will serve as a platform that integrates health science, technology and drug research.
  3. The Macao SAR’s five-year development plan includes the development of featured financial industries. Financial technology is an economic industry composed of enterprises that use technology to improve the efficiency of their financial services. The industry uses big data to provide new solutions, and this demonstrates the innovative development of applications, processes, products and business models in the financial services industry. CDS will assist in the development of featured financial industries through data analysis and research.
  4. Integrating and / or applying data science techniques in traditional areas is the mission of the centre, e.g., computational linguistic, smart governance, data compliance, etc. CDS will work as a platform and service provider to other related faculties.