Master of Science in Data Science

The programme features a multi-disciplinary curriculum that draws on insights across a range of disciplines and prepare students to be able to extract information from real-world data sets using the latest tools and analytical methods as well as to interpret and communicate their findings in ways that change people’s minds and behaviour.

The Master of Science in Data Science is a two-year programme, with a collaborative project with different academic units. Students will have a total of 4 fundamental courses taught by the Faculty of Science and Technology on big data theory, excavation and analysis techniques etc. Students are required to declare their specialization which is offered by different academic units to learn and study how big data can be practically and effectively applied in their designated fields of specialization. Students should enroll courses according to the study plan of their designated specialization and finish a project report.

To better meet the new challenges and the strategic planning mentioned in the Policy Address of Macau, the Master of Science in Data Science has made a revision for 2021/2022 with a new specialization. Our mission is to make the programme meet future needs and produce positive outcomes to our society.

Medium of  Instruction

The medium of instruction in the MSc in Data Science Programme at the University of Macau is English/Chinese  (as the course CHIN7101 Methods in Chinese Linguistics was taught in Chinese).

Course Time & Venue

Students are expected to complete the project report by the end of 2nd academic year. Classes will be held on the University of Macau campus on weekday evenings, if necessary, or on weekends for specially designated courses.

Admission Requirements

General Requirements & Specialization Requirements

Tuition Fee

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